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Feed The Scene
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About Feed The Scene

What is Feed The Scene?

A "Band & Breakfast" completely dedicated to feeding and housing the touring music scene. Founded in 2011, we have fed/housed over 1200 individual bands from 24 countries around the world. Are you a Band/Artist stopping through Baltimore? Let us know, we will be happy to house you for free and feed you (when our budget allows)! We feel strongly about taking care of the people behind the music we love, so please accept our offer of a clean, safe place to rest your head when you are on tour.

House History

The home of Feed The Scene has historically been a “Music House” and lively gathering spot for all musicians who played in or traveled through Baltimore. Built by John Hiltz, in 1930 Marie Hiltz married Ruffino Iula, a violinist from Little Italy in a ceremony at the house. Mr. Iula, who was known as Feen, and his two brothers spent half a century in the pit orchestras of Baltimore area theaters, as well as preforming at weddings, debutante parties and society dances. One of his brothers was a founding member of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra.

This home was the center for music in Baltimore in the 1900s - it was said if you didn’t have a Iula playing then you didn’t have a dance. Feed The Scene is proud to continue this tradition of promoting music and supporting both traveling and local bands in Baltimore.